(1) Artist must receive 50% of estimated full price before starting work.

(2) Balance payment from the Client is due upon Client's approval of the final image; Client will receive the final unwatermarked image after receipt of payment.

(3) All prices are subject to change according to complexity, difficulty, size, etc. of individual piece.

(4) Artist will provide 2-3 thumbnail sketches to the Client, at which point the Client will have opportunity to direct alterations and revisions. Artist will invite the Client to request small changes or revisions during the refinement/coloring stage as well. Any revision over the lifetime of the commission after the first 5 will cost an extra fee of $10.

(5) If the Client wishes to cancel during the sketch stage, Artist will refund 50% of the up front fee received.

(6) No refunds if the Client wishes to cancel after receiving thumbnail sketches.

(7) Any commercial use of commissioned work is prohibited.

(8) Client may not modify commissioned work in any way. Any requisite revisions or derivatives must be made by the Artist.

(9) Artist reserves the right to showcase all work as part of portfolio, printed or digital.

(10) Arist reserves the right to cancel a commission and issue a full refund for any reason.

(11) Artist may recycle sketches/drafts rejected by Client for other personal or business works.

(12) By sending payment, Client agrees to above terms.